So one of my first posts was about adding some “Me Time” to my schedule and I must say that that I’m doing relatively well. About a month ago I “womened up” and bought 10 Hot Yoga passes at Cielo Studios which have definitely played an important role in fuelling my sanity sessions. It’s a great place to work out, the classes are awesome but post-workout you can take your sweaty, swollen self to a designated lounge area and enjoy a free cup of tea while catching up with a friend. Two birds, one stone baby!

In any case, I’ve been practicing yoga for quite some time now, but Hot Yoga is a whole different ball game. It feels like the inevitable river of sweat running down your body is simultaneously sculpting a more muscular and fit you. The heat, while unbearable at times, has a way of pushing you to reach your maximum potential and, quite honestly, most of the participants look so determined and focused that you hesitate giving up before any of them do. It’s a strangely motivating cult-like atmosphere. The only down side could be the potential presence of an under-deodorized neighbour whose every movement sends a whiff in your direction that throws you off balance. Choose your spot wisely!

I do admit, it takes a lot to push myself to attend these classes when all I want to do is eat Häagen Dazs and watch the Big Bang Theory at the end of a long day, but man am I thankful when I do make it out.

Aspiration - My sister the yoga teacher
Aspiration – My sister the yoga teacher


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  1. I’ve always wanted to try yoga! I think a class is great because it really does motivate you to do well when everyone else is trying their best! The place you go sounds awesome- a workout and a chat session after! I need to find something like that around me!


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