I became a mother on March 21st 2014. It was nothing like I thought it would be. I wasn’t perusing the city with my baby on my back or taking her out for late night dinners with the husband. I wasn’t throwing get-togethers with friends while she slept peacefully down the hall or attending mommy and me groups with like-minded women. No, instead I stayed home for three months with an inconsolable infant, inhaled my meals when I actually had the time to eat, rushed home for nap time when I finally got her on a schedule and basically teetered on the brink of post natal psychosis. All this while everyone else seemed to be loving their new found responsibilities. Motherhood isn’t as easy as I thought it was supposed to be and, frankly, often times I feel trapped. What I do know is that everything I feel is normal, a struggle most women who find themselves in the role of daughter, sister, mother, wife and working woman deal with. So I share and I laugh and connect with those who can relate to me. I also recently left my full-time job to explore new opportunities, volunteer and take some time to enjoy life.


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