I’m about to become a mother for the second time and people keep asking me if I’m excited. In truth, I’m more nervous than anything. During my first pregnancy I was living in ignorant bliss, joyfully browsing through Amazon for unnecessary crib bedding until finally the baby came and post natal realities shot down every false expectation of motherhood I had.

In honour of baby #2 and my dedication to not sugar coating what being a mom and parenting can really look like, I’m sharing five of my favourite articles on the subject:

  1. Mom Is The Loneliest Number
  2. Women Aren’t Nags-We’re Just Fed Up
  3. Your Kids Should Not Be The Most Important People In Family
  4. When I Became A Mother Feminism Let Me Down
  5. I Regret Having Children

It’s funny, when I told one of my best friends that I was pregnant for the second time she responded with “What?!?! I thought you hated being a mom?” so let me clarify by saying that I don’t hate being a mom, I hate what being a mom in today’s world looks like. It is, what can only be summed up as, doing more with less help.

The first time I got pregnant, my own mother told me to live with her for 40 days. “Your husband can’t take care of you the way I can” were her exact words and in my naivety , I brushed her off. I won’t be making the same mistake this time around. My room is ready, my bag packed and I’m willing to consume all the turmeric milk and fennel water she wants to shove down my post-partum throat.

Mommy, I’m coming home and I have no qualms about it!


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