“I want to get off and go home again.”

I want to lie with my mother on the couch at 80 Easton while she brushes her fingers through my hair. I want to have chai and toast with my parents and siblings on Saturday morning while watching Bollywood and listening to my father tell stories, I want to go camping in Old Orchard with the whole family and force my sister to stay in the cold Atlantic ocean with me until her lips turn purple, I want to board a KLM flight to India with a stopover in Paris and take a bus tour with my dad who urges me to stop sleeping and pay attention to the sights, I  want to visit my grandmother in her small cement home in Rajinder Nagar and steal Pinia’s from the tiffin above her bed, I want to eat chocolate ice cream with sprinkles by the pool at 20 Calvin and teach the neighbourhood kids how to play Pittu, I want to catch the Saturday morning bus with my brother and sister to Belle Neige to learn how to ski even though my equipment was from Rossy and I was always freezing cold, most of all, I want to keep making these memories with the people I love for a long time to come.


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